8th May 2022

Bristol and Bath results

The Bristol & Bath region recorded a mega 7,990 observations during this year’s City Nature Challenge. The city region recorded 1,287 species by 398 observers. We came first in the UK for number of observers! We came second in the UK for number of observations and number of species recorded.

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UK results

The UK recorded an amazing 56,922 observations across the challenge period, including 3,608 different species. In total, there were 3,632 observers across the country taking part through iNaturalist. 14 city regions took part this year.

  • The Birmingham & Black Country region came first for number of observations, followed by the Bristol & Bath region in second, followed by Liverpool City region in third
  • Bristol & Bath came out first for number of registered observers taking part
  • Brighton & Eastern Downs recorded the highest number of species in the UK, followed shortly by the Bristol & Bath region and Birmingham & Black Country.

Global results

Across the world, participants in this year’s City Nature Challenge recorded an incredible 1.5 million wildlife observations. The international challenge saw over 50,000 species recorded on iNaturalist by over 63,000 observers. La Paz in Bolivia came first in number of observations internationally.