3rd May 2021

City Nature Challenge 2021 finishes at Midnight! We're blown away by the colossal effort from everyone who taken part. Let's look at the stats one last time with only 3 hours left to go:

  • Observations

A truly amazing 46,212 records have been made in the UK across the City Nature Challenge this weekend!

  • Species

2,617 different species have been recorded across the country from the common (there are 501 records of Wood Pigeons) to the less seen (18 lucky people saw Green Woodpeckers!) - you can see the full list here

  • Observers

Across the four days of the challenge 3,035 brilliant people have taken part in this epic citizen science project in the UK - well done to every last one of you!!!

Remember, that records just need to be made over the past four days. If you took photos over the weekend which you still haven't uploaded to iNaturalist you have until midnight on the 9th May to upload and/or help identify other people's records for them to be counted on the City Nature Challenge map.

Which brings us on to...


THURSDAY 6th MAY, 1-6pm

The recording part of City Nature Challenge might shortly be over and soon it will be time to sort through all the data that has been submitted and verify the records that have been made over the bank holiday weekend.

To make all the photos uploaded count towards conservation efforts here in the UK, we need help identifying the species people have been finding. If you would like to take part you can join us across social media by following the hashtag #DataBlitz or put your questions to wildlife experts on one of the hourly live streams on the UK BioBlitz Facebook page - all happening on Thursday 6th May between 1pm - 6pm. Find out more about DataBlitz here

Give us your feedback

Like you, we believe that nature is important and nature is in trouble. The wildlife records that you have helped collect will be a valuable piece of the puzzle as we try to better understand and tackle the Ecological Emergency that we are facing. THANK YOU!


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By completing this survey, you will help us report back to our funders and better understand how we might better help people connect with nature after lockdown.

Take a look at all the records that have been uploaded to iNaturalist in the UK across the City Nature Challenge weekend here.

What's the best thing you found today during City Nature Challenge? Let us know on social media by using the hashtag #CNCUK

City Nature Challenge finishes at midnight TONIGHT (Monday 3rd May), if you would like to take part simply download the iNaturalist app to your smartphone or tablet device (or use the desktop version) and upload the photos of wildlife you might have taken over the weekend.