City Nature Challenge 2024 26th - 29th April
Take and upload photos of wildlife from 26th - 29th April. Help identify wildlife on the iNaturalist app from 30th April - 5 May.
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Will you take part in City Nature Challenge? Join residents in 450+ cities across the world in an epic, global mission to record as much wildlife as possible. Over the four-day challenge we want you to share your observations of nature, using the free iNaturalist app. Your recordings will contribute towards conservation efforts both locally and on a global-scale.


We can only protect wildlife if they know it is there. By participating in the City Nature Challenge, not only do you learn more about your local nature, but you can also make your city a better place! Your observation efforts can help protect nature in the spaces where you live and inform plans for tackling the ecological emergency in the UK.


Taking part is easy! Simply download the iNaturalist app to your smartphone or tablet and use it to upload photos of any wildlife you see.

You don’t have to be a wildlife expert, as the app will give you some handy suggestions of what it thinks you’ve seen. An online community of scientists and wildlife enthusiasts will then verify your sighting. It’s a great way to learn more about the wildlife around you, and best of all, the records you submit can help inform local and national conservation work.

Check out our guide to using iNaturalist for iPhone users and for Android users to get started and learn some top tips for recording wildlife. No need to wait until the challenge – you can start practising on the app today!

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City regions across the UK taking part in City Nature Challenge 2024:

Click here to view the City Nature Challenge 2024 UK Cities Leaderboard.

Your city region isn’t competing this year? No worries! You can head to the “Global Project” on iNaturalist. You will need to click “join” on the project to let them know you’re taking part – this way you can record wildlife from anywhere, and your records will still count in the 2024 challenge.


Would you like to help your local community get involved with recording wildlife in a space near you during City Nature Challenge?

Have a look at our BioBlitz page for a step-by-step guide on how to run an event in your local community. You can drop us an email at, and we’ll try to share your event on our BioBlitzUK social media channels!

Get your city involved in 2025

Would you like to find out more about becoming a City Nature Challenge Organiser for your city in 2025? Drop us an email and we can tell you more about it – or sign up for 2025 though the international website here.

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City Nature Challenge is part of a global citizen science project. Started in 2016 between just two organisations, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences, and has since grown across the whole US in 2017, and across the globe since 2018.

In 2023, over 1.8 million wildlife records were submitted across the globe over four days!

In 2023, over 450 cities across the world took part – you can explore the wildlife recordings made on iNaturalist here.

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