Why we asked a magician to speak at our environmental communication conference

Conference, workshop, symposium, webinar or conference call? Bringing together professionals from different sectors and organisations is a huge undertaking of logistics, curation and partnership for any organisation.

The Art of the Possible: How an offhand remark became our conference theme for Communicate 2018.

Navigating change, avoiding burnout, thinking creatively, building partnerships, drawing on evidence and never losing sight of the need to connect people and the natural world: the role of environmental communicators has never been more important, or more complex.

Engaging Environments Symposium

How can we better support public engagement with environmental science? How can we make environmental research more relevant to society? How can we encourage and support communities, publics, and researchers to get involved?

5 Top reasons to come to Communicate

Communicate is the UK’s annual conference for environmental communicators, a massively diverse community of professionals working across multiple sectors to share, inspire and engage people with environmental issues.

Team Communicate Applications Now Open!

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We’re Not the Only Ones Navigating Change…

Dr Jenny Hatchard, University of Bath, gives her thoughts on Communicate 2017

Thoughts from Communicate 2017

Tess Legg, University of Bath, talks about her experience of Communicate 2017

Learning how to communicate @ Communicate 2017

Russell Arnott, University of Bath, talks about this year's conference

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Fiona Gleed, University of Bath, gives a breakdown of her experience of Communicate 2017

Art Changes People

Joanna Wright talks about her highlight at Communicate 2017