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Bristol Water and the Festival of Nature

Natasha Clarke is Environment Manager at Bristol Water, we asked her for her thoughts on this year’s Festival of Nature

“We are delighted to be associated with the Festival of Nature 2018. This fabulous festival is a great celebration and promotion of a healthy natural environment, without it we wouldn’t have such great water!

We will be back with our Water Bar in Millennium Square on Saturday and Sunday, and also check out our Refill cups installation at the Arnolfini on Thursday – a very graphic demonstration of how much clean water we use with our washing machines.

We love being involved in FON because it’s a great festival to meet like minded people who share a passion and regard for the natural environment. As a water company, a healthy natural environment is really important to maintain a clean supply of drinking water, but also to make sure there is a healthy supply of water for all plants and animals in our ecosystem.

We are proud of the work we do including our Lakes which host such a wonderful mix of wildlife from fish species to birds to otters and important vegetation such as our unimproved grassland habitats We also work with farmers and landowners to improve the water running into the lakes and maintain numerous rivers and hedgerows which act as wildlife corridors.

The Festival of Nature gives us a platform to talk about water efficiency and saving water for everyone and every critter. Rob Luckwell’s talk always goes down well with people going away with a fresh perspective of the tap water they often take for granted.

Please come and talk to us at our Water Bar, don’t forget to bring your bottle to get a refill and reduce plastic use.”