Working with Volunteers

Volunteers will be the front line of your BioBlitz and the first point of contact with event visitors, so it is vital that they are well-informed and enthusiastic!

The Guide for BioBlitz Volunteers document is aimed at volunteers supporting wildlife recording on site, with infomation about recording, FAQ’s and top tips for engaging with the public. Please download and send these guides to your volunteers in advance and have a few printouts for them to refer to on the day.

Likewise, you may want to share the How To Use iNaturalist video and our guide with them ahead of the event (or you could host a short training event for volunteers that will be attending your BioBlitz). Even if they have used iNaturalist before, it is likely that they will be working with people who have not, so it would be good to have some printed guides handy on the day.

Who might volunteer at a BioBlitz event?

Individuals who volunteer at a BioBlitz usually have an interest in wildlife and biodiversity. There will likely be a variety of volunteer roles at your event; from manning an engagement hub, to supporting a guided walk, or running activities to engage children. Remember that whatever the role at the BioBlitz, everyone will have something to offer from their own experience,

You may have a range of volunteers and naturalists on site during your event. We generally distinguish “naturalists” as environmental professionals/experienced amateurs and their role is to lead activities such as walks and surveys and/or confirm species identification. Many will have a specific taxonomic group that they specialise in and may wish to conduct their own individual survey. Volunteers are usually less experienced amateurs or complete beginners in recording who take on a variety of roles such as helping on stalls, assisting with activities, traffic marshalling or helping visitors with basic species identification.

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