Look out for Ladybirds

Join us on the look out for ladybirds as these firm family favorites and gardeners friends are having more than a spot of bother from an alien invader!


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You might be surprised to hear that in the UK we have an amazing 26 different species, of all different colours and sizes from the tiny yellow ’22-spot’ to the garden pea sized ‘Eyed Ladybird’. Almost all of them are on the menu for a fierce predator introduced to the UK in recent years – the big and aggressive Harlequin Ladybird – which is spreading northwards at an alarming speed, munching its way through the natives.

You can learn how to identify all the different ladybirds, help track the Harlequins advance and monitor the effects on native species populations by sending your ladybird sightings to the UK Ladybird Survey.

Find out more and get involved at the UK Ladybird Survey website