NEW: Let’s Talk About Data

Lets talk about dataRecording wildlife is a great British tradition stretching back to the 1700s and the days of Gilbert White. In the 21st Century, recording in the UK is still a triumph of public contribution to our collective knowledge of the natural world. Devoted volunteers and enthusiasts generate vast databanks supporting environmental policy, research and practice with baseline data for thousands of native and non-native UK species.

As threats to UK wildlife mount, the need to grow the evidence base for effective conservation becomes increasingly vital. We need effective communications tools to be able to share this amazing energy and support an accessible, well informed recording culture.

This will help to ensure that all new and existing recorders receive the support and motivation to collect and contribute high quality, useable data as standard.

The Natural History Consortium have been working with the partners of the National Biodiversity Network to develop new resources for individual recorders, organisations and BioBlitzers to communicate about wildlife recording. Let’s talk about data!

Download the toolkit

Download the framework document