Identification websites and keys

Identification keys can help identify what species you have found. They are particularly important for groups that cannot yet easily be identified though apps such as iNaturalist or iSpot.

Many keys can be found online and are freely available (many more than we could list here!)

Some websites containing ID keys for a range of species:

The ID Resource Finder by FSC Biolinks 750 crowd-sourced, online searchable catalogue of UK wildlife identification resources.

The NBN Atlas is the UK’s largest repository of publicly available biodiversity data, with information on around 50,000 species.

A variety of keys can be found on the iSpot website.

SEWBReC (The South East Wales Biological Record Centre) have collated some fantastic playlists of ID courses that can be found on YouTube.

Although some of the links are no longer working, Richard Comont’s list of free online keys is still a useful tool to find what keys may be available online.

National Biodiversity Network has some links to ID Resources.

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