Engaging People

Understanding the motivations of participants is a key part of a successful BioBlitz.

The Lets Talk About Data document been designed in consultation with 90 members of the UK recording community. It aims to help BioBlitz organisers understand the different types of recorders who might want to take part, and their motivations.

The framework document is a helpful tool when thinking about how to communicate wildlife recording with the community. This includes tips on developing consistent messaging and demystifying data flows, which has been shown to improve engagement and data records.

This Guide to Running a BioBlitz document* is an in-depth guide for the logistics of how to run a BioBlitz event. It offers guidance on many useful topics such as where to recruit scientific experts and volunteers, ideas for publicity and activities, and contains examples of case studies with engagement ideas. Please note, due to being written in 2013, it does not not cover the use of iNaturalist, and we are aware that some hyperlinks are broken. However, it contains many useful case studies and examples of successful BioBlitz events.

*Guide to running a BioBlitz 2.0 by Robinson, L.D., Tweddle, J.C., Postles, M.C., West, S.E., & Sewell, J. (2013) Guide to running a BioBlitz. Natural History Museum, Bristol Natural History Consortium, Stockholm Environment Institute York and Marine Biological Association.

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