The Great Eggcase Hunt Project

An eggcase, which is also known as a mermaid’s purse, is a tough leathery case that protects the embryo of a shark, skate or ray. Each eggcase contains one embryo which will develop over several months into a miniature version of the adult.

The distribution of different shark, skate and ray species is changing and a number of species are in decline. By taking part in the Great Eggcase Hunt you can help the Shark Trust to identify areas of the coast where eggcases regularly wash up.

Reported findings allow the Trust to identify potential shark, skate and ray nursery grounds, providing valuable data that aids conservation. This process can help with the management of UK sharks, skates and rays, as well as help designate Marine Conservation Zones which should provide protection for some species from particularly damaging human activities.

Your eggcase records are a crucial element of this conservation work and it’s so easy to take part – everything you need for a successful eggcase hunt can be found on the website.

Find out more and get involved at The Shark Trust website