City Nature Challenge UK DataBlitz



Wow! What an incredible City Nature Challenge this year! We are so impressed with the fantastic 4,363 UK residents who joined the global community of 38,000+ people getting outside and making observations of nature – while staying safe & keeping others safe as well. A huge THANK YOU to all of you!

So now we’re in the uploading/identifying phase of the City Nature Challenge and we still need your help to put all this amazing nature on the map!

On Friday 1st May meet some of your fellow UK challengers for the City Nature Challenge UK DataBlitz to help identify the records submitted over the international weekend. Log in to a series of zoom calls throughout the day for themed chats hosted by expert naturalists or bring your own beverage for an end of day social. Each Zoom call will be led my experts on taxonomic groups and will help get the UK total up before the final worldwide tally is announced on the 4th May!

Click on the links below to join the Zoom calls with identifiers across the whole UK:

10am – Mammals

12pm – Invertebrates

2pm – Birds

4pm – Plants

6pm – UK City Nature Challenge After Party


To make all the photos uploaded count towards conservation efforts here in the UK, we need to help identify the species people have been finding! You don’t have to be an expert to help ID – just log in to iNaturalist UK project and help with these tasks:

  • IDENTIFY SPECIES – Find photos of “unknown” and give them a coarse ID like “plants” or “beetles” or “fungi” – this will help those folks who do know how to ID down to the species level find those observations. If you can improve on or agree the current ID then great! Check out this short video on how to use the Identify Page on iNaturalist:
  • POINT OUT THE PETS – from goldfish to garden roses, mark anything that looks captive/cultivated as such
  • SHOWCASE SOME HIGHLIGHTS – add any interesting finds to the UK highlights spreadsheet to be included in the post event press release: