Take part in citizen science

Discover the wildlife that lives on your doorstep with these fun activities you can do from home

Join the pollinator count!

BEGINNER: Grab a friend and a cup of tea and spend 10 minutes outside counting pollinators

Become a BeeWatch-er

BEGINNER: Help the Bumblebee Conservation Trust monitor some of Britain’s best loved insects, learn how to identify the 22 different species and help protect these vital pollinators!

Look out for Ladybirds

BEGINNER: Join us on the look out for ladybirds as these firm family favorites and gardeners friends are having more than a spot of bother from an alien invader!

Track down your local mammals

INTERMEDIATE: Footprint tunnels are a non-invasive tool to look for the presence of mammals in a habitat by identifying their footprints.


INTERMEDIATE: Turn your birdwatching lists into valuable conservation research data by sending your lists into BirdTrack.

Record and Reduce Roadkill

INTERMEDIATE: Roadkill is a common sight throughout the UK. Take a closer look to help Project Splatter map roadkill across the country.

BioBlitz your own Garden

BEGINNER: Ever wondered what amazing wildlife you have in your own garden? Join hundreds of people around the country this June for the Garden BioBlitz!

Flying Ant Survey

BEGINNER: The 2014 Flying Ant Survey is closed, but watch this space for further information for 2015.

Nature’s Calendar

INTERMEDIATE: Help record the changing season’s with the Nature’s Calendar survey.

University Birdwatch Challenge

INTERMEDIATE Students can participate in a fun, competitive, outdoor activity, identifying birds!

Wakame Watch Recording Project

INTERMEDIATE: Help the Wakame Watch monitor the true spread of a large invasive seaweed by reporting any sightings.

The Great Eggcase Hunt Project

BEGINNER Keep your eyes on the beach all year round and provide valuable data that will aid marine conservation efforts by joining the Great Eggcase Hunt!

Mitten Crab Recording Project

INTERMEDIATE: Help tackle the spread of this invasive crab species by reporting any sightings.

Image Credit @ http://bit.ly/1CzIp8d

Submit your butterfly sightings

BEGINNER Choose a place and count butterflies and moths for 15 minutes this summer!

National Amphibian & Reptile Recording Scheme

INTERMEDIATE: Help in the monitoring of widespread reptile & amphibian species by running volunteer surveys.

Watchout for wildflowers

INTERMEDIATE Help scientists find out how healthy the countryside is, by monitoring common wildflowers.

Shore Thing

The Shore Thing project encourages communities and students to monitor their local rocky shore for key species.

Orchid Observers

Is climate change affecting the UK’s orchids? Photograph wild orchids and contribute to climate change research at the Natural History Museum.

Big Garden Birdwatch

BEGINNER Join in with the Big Garden Birdwatch and find out what species are making your garden their home!

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Polyommatus icarus

Common Blue Butterfly


Amara similata

Ground Bettle


Vespula vulgaris

Common Wasp