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BioBlitz are being run up and down the country so we are working with event organisers to bring all of this great activity together in one place

Guide to Running a BioBlitz

Download A Guide to Running a BioBlitz – A BioBlitzers best friend!

Identifying Species

In order to collect species records you need to be able to identify the species you find. For many taxonomic groups this is easier said than done but there is ...

Collecting Species Records

How to make a biological recording and making that record count

Engaging People

How to engage visitors to your BioBlitz and gather feedback

Working with Volunteers

Volunteers will be the front line of your BioBlitz and the first point of contact with event visitors so it is vital that they know what they are talking about.

Event Paperwork

Templates of documents you need to run your event

BioBlitz Branding

Free branding for your event kindly donated to the NHC by the Institute of Physics Publishing

BioBlitz Conference Archive

BioBlitzers from all over the country have assembled for the last few years to discuss how BioBlitz can be used as a tool for public engagement and wildlife surveying.

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Polyommatus icarus

Common Blue Butterfly


Amara similata

Ground Bettle


Vespula vulgaris

Common Wasp