About Us

Our Mission

Engaging people with the natural world through collaborative action

The Natural History Consortium currently has 13 members who work collaboratively within the NHC charitable structure. Our membership reflects the Bristol and Bath region’s reputation as a leading centre for the understanding and appreciation of the natural world, although our programmes have national reach and impact.

Our Objectives

  • To deliver entertaining and informative events and activities that inspire greater public interest, volunteering and action for nature.
  • To facilitate, develop, and disseminate novel communication techniques that engage the widest possible audience
  • To build, support and pilot effective partnerships that bring together diverse organisations that face similar challenges and issues, and to help organisations learn from each other.

How it all began

The Natural History Consortium started in 2003, when 6 organisations in Bristol joined forces on flagship environmental communication projects. From 2003-2008 we worked together under a memorandum of understanding, before gaining charitable status in May 2008.