Communicators came together for Changing Minds: Behavioural Science event overview

A short run through of a day exploring the tools we can use to affect behavioural change in environmental communications

Shaping a drama, telling a story

Naomi Fuller from Avon Wildlife Trust shares with us her views on what role storytelling has on persuading people to help local wildlife.

Who should we be communicating with?

Mark Simpson from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust shares his personal experience communicating with people who share different viewpoints to his own and the people within his social network.

Being Creative Day to Day: Thinking differently about evaluating communication activities

Clare Wilkinson Co-Director of the Science Communication Unit at UWE shares the importance of thinking and acting creatively when engaging with environmental communication.

Festival of Nature runs Virgin Money London Marathon 2018!

Festival of Nature has its first Virgin Money London Marathon Charity Bond space for 2018!

Planning for Change

Sarah Jackson, from BANES Council, shares some insights into the value of green infrastructure and the communication challenges surrounding landscape scale initiatives, in a time of unprecedented change.

Communicate 2017 – University of Bath Bursary

University of Bath postgraduate and early career researcher Bursary to attend Communicate 2017: Navigating Change

“Navigating Change” – Communicate Conference – 1st & 2nd Nov 2017

Tim Scoones shares a personal view on how environmental communicators can navigate change in a modern world where relentless social, environmental and technological change seems to be becoming the new normal.

5 Top reasons to come to Communicate

Communicate is the UK’s annual conference for environmental communicators, a massively diverse community of professionals working across multiple sectors to share, inspire and engage people with environmental issues.

The world is changing… and so are we

In this extraordinary time of change, following extensive consultation with fellow environmental communicators, we are making the unprecedented decision to change the conference theme title (sharp intake of breath!).