City Nature Challenge


The City Nature Challenge brings nature to life on our doorstep as the urban centres of the West of England join forces to compete with 90 city regions across the globe in an epic citizen science contest: to collect as much biodiversity data as possible in 4 days.

This region-wide event will bring together nature groups, schools, naturalists, and people of all ages in recording as many records of the wildlife in Bristol and Bath as possible.

Do you want to get involved? Scroll down to see the range of individuals and organisations we’re looking for to host or deliver activities across the region.

If you have any further ideas let us know by emailing and make sure to check back regularly as more details are released!


What will you do?

Basecamps will be the centre of activities for City Nature Challenge, hosting teams across the weekend programme. The Basecamps will be a space where identification teams, naturalists, and walk-in identifications can take place as well as the place people will head to for information on activities taking place across the weekend.

Are you interested in your space being used as a Basecamp? Register your interest by emailing