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In need of some environmental communication inspiration? Explore our video playlists and take a look at the presentations from previous Communicate conferences, with highlights including keynote speeches from Sir David Attenborough, Dame Fiona Reynolds and Jonathon Porritt

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Changing Minds: Tools from Behavioural Science – Pre-Communicate 2017 Event

Understanding how people think, feel and respond to information is vital to successfully communicating environmental issues and influencing positive change. Expert researchers and communications practitioners brought together a diverse range of perspectives, using behavioural sciences to explore and influence a shifting landscape of echo-chambers, divisive opinions and fake news.

2016: Swapping Spectacles

Communicate 2016 logo edgeFollow the links below to download the presentation slides. We are waiting on a few amendments from some of our speakers so if the particular presentation you were seeking is not there please watch this space!

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2015: Challenging Partnerships

2014: Changing Stories

2013: Stories for Change

2012: Breaking Boundaries

2011: Nature, People, Economics

2010: Connecting with Nature

2009: Valuing the Invaluable

2008: Messages for Change