Changing Minds - Look who's talking

There is still exciting content to come, but we are very pleased to announce these fantastic speakers for the Changing Minds: Tools from Behavioural Science event on 3 October.
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Tim Scoones

Communicate Host and Former Producer, BBC Natural History Unit

Simon Garrett

Head of Conservation Learning at Bristol Zoological Society

Michael Sanders

Chief Scientist and Head of Research and Evaluation, Behavioural Insights Team – Changing Minds: Tools from Behavioural Science

Kris De Meyer

Visiting research fellow in neuroscience at King’s College London.

Fiona Spotswood

Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Behaviour Change at Bristol Business School, University of the West of England.

Laura Fogg-Rogers

Senior Research Fellow in Science Communication at UWE Bristol.

Ryan Lumber

Dr Ryan Lumber achieved his PhD in Psychology in 2016 from the University of Derby investigating the routes to nature connection.

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